Like any other hobby, computer games and sooner or later become boring. Most often this happens unexpectedly. We go away for a weekend or a vacation, and returning, we find that we no longer want to sit for your favorite PC, “box” or “flat”. But many experts believe that games are a great hobby that should not be abandoned. Today there are at least a few simple, but effective tips that will help you rediscover the hobby that has had time to hit the nail on the head. 

Reasons for the decline of interest in games

To understand why a person once loses interest in computer games it is enough to turn to common sense and banal psychology. As numerous studies show that no one, even the most beloved and interesting work can not endlessly inspire people. As a consequence, the case becomes boring, turns into a routine and begins to bring boredom. This process develops especially quickly if you do something all the time. In other words, playing around the clock, you will get to the point that the computer will literally make you sick. 

Another reason for the loss of interest may be a decrease in mental energy. This usually happens because of:

  1. Multitasking – if you are trying to combine computer games, sports, socializing with friends and other options of entertainment, then you should be prepared for the fact that staying productive and equally active everywhere is unlikely to work. Eventually, you will completely lose the desire to do anything. It takes a very long time to recover from a burnout. 
  2. The excess of communication. Whether we want it or not, but communication with other people takes away our energy. So if you work or study a lot and often interact with others, it is not surprising that in the evening you may not have the energy to, for example, play Counter-Strike.
  3. Stress – of course, if you are under a lot of emotional stress, a strenuous gameplay is unlikely to be fun. 
  4. Lack of fun – if you understand that you are ready to smash the monitor while playing some souls-like game, you should think about whether you need to stay “in the theme” and not switch to some other project. 

In terms of traditional medicine, we get our energy for fun and hobbies from endorphins. As soon as the body stops producing them – the interest in games disappears, at the same time productivity at work and activity in personal life falls. 

5 tips on how to fall in love with annoying games 

So, how to regain your former love for computer games?

The first tip. Temporarily postpone mapping in Far Cry 6, battles in arenas and suffering in Elden Ring. Accumulate power and energy, and it is likely that very soon the lost interest will return to you again.

Second tip. Focus on one project at a time. If you simultaneously try to take part in different games, the brain perceives all of them as unfinished tasks, which negatively and depressingly affects our mental state. And vice versa. Seeing the final credits on the screen, you can feel an unprecedented rush of endorphins, as the brain ticks the “checkbox” successfully completed the task.

Third tip. Give up multiplayer mode. Communities of players are most often toxic. They don’t forgive mistakes and can ostracize a gamer for a bad shot or a thoughtless choice of spells. So if it’s possible, choose the single-player mode that will allow you to concentrate on the pleasant and not burdensome pastime. 

Fourth tip. Play only what you really like. No need to “force” yourself in favor of fashion or public opinion. Start an old and at the same time favorite toy and enjoy the familiar locations and meeting with funny and endearing characters. 

Fifth tip. And of course, you don’t have to be afraid to try something new. Everything unusual instantly attracts the attention of the brain, allowing you to get the most positive and vivid emotions from unfamiliar impressions.