While most sporting disciplines are experiencing a pandemic crisis, cyber sports and https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/games have successfully adapted to the new conditions. Championships and other events moved online, companies are saving money on expensive tournament hardware and teams participate in charity marathons raising a lot of money for COVID-19 vaccine development. Enter PlayersHive, and you can see the huge number of players, who are members of eSports community, and what significant prize funds are allocated for tournaments. That’s when you start to involuntarily think that it would be cool to join this movement. How? Let’s try to think of a strategy.

What do masters play

If you want to try your hand in cybersports, it is important to determine the games. It is a whole universe, consisting of a variety of genres and trends. But it is easy to allocate the main disciplines in which you can start to gain a hand.

For example, relatively fresh Valorant will pop up for fans of battling FPS, if you are bored with the same Overwatch. In addition, this year is scheduled to tour – you can not miss it!

Also, the largest and coolest League of Legends, which has a huge base of players. There is always a lot of competition on it. Of course, there is a lot of competition here, but try, as they say, nobody forbids.

Where without Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? No such player who would not have spent at least one katka in “Kasesochka. There’s also plenty of action for that game: there’s always a chance to take part in a regional tournament or try your luck in a sponsored championship.

DOTA 2 primarily draws players with the record-breaking prize money of all eSports tournaments. Just the thing, isn’t it?

Not forgetting the much-loved STARCRAFT II. With it is more difficult, because, more often than not, the participants are not teams, but single players. Such championships are for the great enthusiasts.

List of games can go on for a long time, we discussed the most popular. What next?

How to fuel cyber-sports enthusiasm

We can make our gaming experience as enjoyable as possible with the help of eSports gadgets. Some may say it’s just a formality, but to play matches in sets designed specifically for the pros is a real pleasure!

What are you looking for? Steelseries gaming gear is high quality, but it’s also priced way above average and that doesn’t always cut it. Many eSportsmen choose Varmilo keyboards, and not without reason: their unusual design, solid materials, top-end switches and relative affordability make them very popular. Small, but quite successful company Xtrfy has a line of cool retro devices. Everything is made at the highest level and, with the inherent brevity of the Swedes.

The main thing is motivation

Other than that, the most important part of preparation is hard training, watching matches and having a clear understanding of your goal. Want to get into the cybersports scene? Be persistent, enterprising and learn to accept defeat with dignity. Because despite all the perks, it’s a tough and competitive sport where you have to fight for success.