The gaming industry has seen a massive surge in popularity over the past decade, and it’s no surprise that esports are now becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment. What was once considered to be a niche hobby is now a billion-dollar industry, with millions of fans around the world. Esports have become so popular that they’re even being considered for inclusion in the Olympic Games. The rise of esports has revolutionized sports as we know them, and here’s how.

1. Professionalization: The professionalization of esports has been one of the biggest factors in its success. Professional esports teams are now treated like any other professional sports team, with players signing contracts and receiving salaries from their respective teams. This has made esports more attractive to potential sponsors and investors, which has allowed for larger prize pools and bigger tournaments. As a result, more people are taking part in competitive gaming than ever before.

2. Increased Exposure: As professionalization has increased, so too has exposure for esports tournaments and competitions. Major broadcasters such as ESPN have started broadcasting major events such as The International (the largest Dota 2 tournament) or League of Legends World Championship on their networks, giving viewers access to top-tier competitive gaming matches from all over the world without having to search for them online. This increased exposure has helped bring more people into the fold of competitive gaming, further increasing its popularity.

3. Technology: Technology has played an integral role in the rise of esports as well. With advances in streaming technology, gamers can now stream their matches live on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming for free or very low cost, allowing viewers to watch their favorite players compete from anywhere in the world at any time they want to tune in. This convenience factor makes it easier than ever for people to follow competitive gaming matches and tournaments without having to leave home or buy tickets to attend events live; this helps draw people into competitive gaming who may not have otherwise been interested due to lack of access or knowledge about it previously.

4. Prize Money: Finally, one of the biggest draws for many aspiring gamers is prize money offered at major tournaments and competitions; some events offer prizes worth millions of dollars! This large amount of money available helps attract even more players into professional gaming circles by providing an incentive beyond simply enjoying playing games; it gives players something tangible they can strive towards by competing at a high level in order to win big prizes while also getting recognition within their respective communities for doing so successfully

These are just some of the reasons why esports have become so popular over recent years; there is no doubt that this trend will continue into 2021 and beyond as more companies invest money into creating better infrastructure for competitive gaming scenes around the world while also increasing prize pools available at large tournaments and competitions even further! It will be interesting to see what new innovations come out next year that could push this already booming industry even further ahead!